I have always been fascinated by detailed and delicate things; handmade treasures in museums, the ageing skin on human hands, the fine petals on flowers.


My paintings are a self-reflective journey and follow the theme of fragility, through the subjects that inspire me most- nature and people.

The fragility of humanity- people- and nature is surpassed. It is often only when we are perceived as broken or gone, we acknowledge or reflect on just how fragile we really are. There's a strength, uniqueness and beauty to our fragility, something extremely valuable and treasuring.

Using thin layers of paint on fine surfaces of board or canvas, I aim to depict and emphasise the fragile and delicate nature of my subjects.

I aim to slow the viewer down and reflect on the beauty of both the subjects fragility as well as their own. 

My paintings act as a conduit to externalise my own reflections about what it means to be human and our relationship to the natural world. 





2019 The Florence Academy of Arts, Italy

2016-19 University of the Arts London

2016-17 Buckinghamshire New University

(2018 London Art Therapy centre)


2019 Clyde and Co Awards, London

2019 Art and Yoga Workshop, London

2019 Copeland Gallery, Peckham, London

2019 University of the Arts WCA, Degree show, London


2019 Shortlisted: Clyde and Co Awards, London